Dapper Young Lad

The Tourist

How can virile electricity
Condemn and damn as purebred a beast
As modern man, with cars and speech
To less than lowest loft?

Hubris high as height can reach
We think ourselves the centre seat
The sun it shines for all to see
But not specifically

Our load is heavy as can be
To be as heavy as the sea
In bodies made of droplets, see
How saline we’ve become

I don’t believe that I am free
A slave to physics and to speech
I doubt I’ll live past 23
It seems this world is not for me

A tourist for all time I’ll be
Don’t have a home that can be seen
The breath I breathe is all I need
A four walled hut I’ve come to call “me”


I knew in my heart
That you were human like the rest of us
Not separate but entrenched in dust
Not stone safe from the wind

Yet to me you seemed as comet fire
Spontaneous as base desire
With golden hair and eyes of glass
Held mass beneath your voice, a choir

How I wish I had a golden tongue
A mind free from the base and dumb
For you are better than the weather
Or sweater prose and talk of lunch

What would I say? Let’s get some coffee?
Talk of travel, music and of poetry
Without seeming lost and lonely
Fuck it, you left an hour ago

I’ll leave and head for my lonely home
A place I know less, a lesson hardly known
I love the human and the stone
But feel more for the latter

2 Years 9 Months 27 Days

We met one day

Just in passing

Pleasantries and witticisms

Pizza and passivity

We crossed paths by the couch

I had stolen your seat

Just a beat of the butterfly’s wings

And there goes Tokyo

2 years 9 months 27 days

Has it really been so long?

We were never really meant together

But I had fun while it lasted

And I admit I made it last

So much longer than it should have

Made it messy as could be

and then some

I don’t think I love you

I expect you feel the same

But you’ll always be a memory

A fond one in the rain

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Modern Seinfeld

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Where two seas of different densities collide, taken off the Alaskan coast.

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Where two seas of different densities collide, taken off the Alaskan coast.

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The Lock - John Constable 

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The Lock - John Constable


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